Allergy testing at Clearview Eye Center
Allergy testing at Clearview Eye Center

Allergy Testing, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Is it allergies or something else?

Make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam. You may have dry eye, allergies, or another condition making your eyes irritated, itchy, watery, or red.

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According to the CDC, allergic conditions are among the most common medical conditions affecting children in the United States. An allergic condition is a hypersensitivity disorder in which the immune system reacts to substances in the environment that are normally considered harmless. Food or digestive allergies, skin allergies (such as eczema), and respiratory allergies (such as hay fever) are the most common allergies among children. Allergies can affect a child’s physical and emotional health and can interfere with daily activities, such as sleep, play, and attending school. The number of adults with diagnosed hay fever in the past 12 months is 16.0 million.

If you are one of them, we can help.

Clearview Eye Center will be providing Allergy Solutions™, a new subcutaneous immunology service for allergy sufferers. Clearview Eye Center can provide allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment in one convenient Vincennes location. With one quick trip, you could have allergy relief and be breathing easier.

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