“The journey with Dr. Emert and his staff was wonderful! From the moment I started, they treated me with the utter most respect. I sat there and Dr. Emert talked to me and explained everything. We were joking and listening to the radio. I felt comfortable, I felt safe. I’d recommend it to anybody. I was a part of this team. I wasn’t just somebody lying on a table, a number being pushed in and out. Don’t put it off! If you are not seeing, and you have doubts, go check it out with them. Dr. Emert is wonderful; his staff is fantastic.”

Diane Coomer

“Dr. Emert explained to me so well about the cataract and how they removed it and how they put the lenses in and by the time I finished the first interview with him I was very confident that he was going to take care of me and he did exactly what he said he was going to do. I would recommend this to anybody that has any kind of eye problem. Their support staff was wonderful, Dr. Emert was very skilled, and they did a wonderful job!”

Patty Seitz

“I was just amazed of how painless it was. No pain, just a little pressure and that was it.”

Raymond Pitcher

“I appreciated the thorough exams and receiving very good explanations of my eye condition and what needed to be done. The staff is very friendly and efficient. Dr. Emert is very knowledgeable and explains the situations and what needs to be done really well. I had cataracts removed in both eyes. I was put at ease and had very little discomfort. The staff was very helpful and caring. I appreciated Dr. Emert explaining what he was doing during my surgery. He is very friendly and has great concern for the patient.”

Sandra Culler

“I had not been able to see for over a year due to my cataracts. Dr. Emert and his staff explained the procedure to me and really made the whole experience a total success. I can see for the first time in a long time. Dr. Emert helped me come out of the fog.”

Portia Swiger